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According to a study by , a PR executive has the seventh most stressful job in 2012. In 2011 an advertising executive came in at the , but has since fallen from the top 10. Regardless, we can recognize a relatively high stress level in both career fields and in marketing communications in general.

10. Taxi Driver — Average Income: $22,440
9. Photojournalist — Average Income: $40,000
8. Corporate Executive (Senior) — Average Income: $165,830
7. Public Relations Executive — Average Income $91,810
6. Event Coordinator — Average Income $45,260
5. Police Officer — Average Income $53,540*
4. Military General — Average Income $196,300*
3. Airline Pilot — Average Income $103,210
2. Firefighter — Average Income $45,250*
1. Enlisted Military Soldier — Average Income $35,580*

The top five most stressful jobs have certainly earned their keep. In each of the top five most stressful jobs human lives and well being are at stake. Four* of the five do a great service for our country. We owe all of them our gratitude. Their stress differs greatly from the type of stress a PR or advertising executive faces.

That is not to say that advertising and PR isn’t stressful, it certainly is. One reason is that, for the most part, there are very few absolutes.

Does a press release + Twitter = coverage?
Does a commercial + hashtag = engagement?
Does an event + audience = sales?
Does a “like” + a user = loyalty?

The answer to all of these questions could very well be yes or no.

But isn’t that part of what makes a job in communications so great? That each situation presents a new set of unique challenges that require a new set of goals, strategies and tactics? That creativity and structure must come together to create a beautiful campaign? Yes, working with clients can be tough, they will ask you do too much with not enough. But you know what? You still find a way to do it. That feeling of accomplishment is one of the most rewarding feelings about the job. The industry is always changing, but we shouldn’t act like change is unique to our industry. All industries are changing, and so the professionals in those industries must adapt. Those that don’t adapt are victims of survival of the fittest. Embrace the changes, welcome the challenges and in all of that, deal with the stress how you need to.

An outlines six more reasons PR is so stressful.

We serve many masters.
We trade control for credibility.
PR is still poorly understood.
It’s based on billable hours.
Inside, it’s a staff position, not a line position.
PR is in transition.

Yes, these six factors are not always in the realm of our control. They will cause us stress. But in every job there is always something that you don’t love. For PR professionals, these reasons are some of them. Real quickly, in your mind, think of a list of things that you love about your job in communications. How quickly were you able to outweigh the bad with the good? For me it was simple.

Client interaction
Work environment
Fellow workers
Creativity + Strategy
Evolving Industry
New Challenges
Career Growth

In each of the reasons I love communications you can find social media. The opportunity to work with social media on a daily basis is something that excites me everyday. As a relatively new part of the marketing mix, social media is constantly evolving and creating opportunities for people like you and me to capitalize on and learn from.

However, the battle wages on about , advertising or public relations, but with all the changes taking place it is safe to say that working in social media can also stressful, regardless of what industry you want to put it in. Personally, I think it depends on the situation and arguing about it only creates more stress. Additionally, it accomplishes nothing. To make the situation even more dicey, couldn’t you say social media belongs to social media? But, I digress, I will save that topic for another post.

What are some of the reasons you love your job? What stresses do you face on a daily basis and how do you deal with them?

-Reed Pankratz

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