Everybody is Working for the Weekend

The weekend is upon us and today I am headed to the lake to enjoy a great weekend with my friends. There will be no wifi and very little cell phone usage over the weekend. I plan on some great food, cold beverages, fun music, a few splashes and great company. I will admit, it will be nice to unplug for the weekend. The next few weeks will be plenty busy and a weekend away will surely do some good.

But, wait. Don’t I love social media? Isn’t it great to have Twitter at my fingertips? To capture and share the great moments of the weekend on Instagram? Of course it is! But social media is no different than anything else we use in this world, it is good in moderation. By now it is no secret that people can actually become addicted to . While I am not certain that “addiction” is the best term to use, I do believe that there can be unhealthy uses of social media. Being connected too long could be one way to develop those habits.

I am currently seeking and exploring opportunities to begin a career in advertising and social media, so please don’t misunderstand me when I say it is good to take a break from it. Working with social media is a lot different than just tweeting or pinning. Strategy, planning, content creation and brainstorming are all a part of working with social media (to say the very least). Working with social media is very different than just using it on a personal basis.

Life can be certainly be enhanced through social media and technology, so make sure to use it that way. As soon as you feel the need to be connected 24/7 social media becomes a task or something you have to put on your to do list. So take a weekend, or even just an afternoon, to unplug, rewind and enjoy the outdoors and company around you.

So take a break, take a hike or even just take an afternoon to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some from a social media marketing pioneer, Pam Moore, on how to avoid social media addiction.

- Reed Pankratz

This is post twenty of Posts For Employment. For each day in April I will be publishing a blog post to showcase my writing skills, ability to communicate effectively, meet deadlines, handle multiple projects at once and think creatively. I look forward to connecting more with you as an audience, having fun and finding a job. Friends, followers and employers can reach me at 20pankratz33@gmail.com.

About Reed Pankratz

Inbound Marketing Manager @ UniversityParent. Kansan turned Boulderite. Avid K-State Fan. Golfer. Aspiring Skier. Cook. Blogger. Drinker of Good Beer. If you can't find Reed online, you can probably find him attending one of Boulder's finest events like Boulder Open Coffee Club, Caffeinated Mornings, and Ignite Boulder.

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