5 Keys To A Great Graduation Party

Today, I am one step closer to graduation. No, I didn’t take a test, write a paper or give a final presentation. Instead, I booked my time and location for my graduation party. You can consider yourself .

Who: Taylor “Reed” Pankratz & Matthew Warner Crow
What: Graduation Party
When: Saturday, May 12 from 3pm – 5pm

Throwing a great graduation party, or any party for that matter, require several key aspects. Here are five ways to make sure your graduation party is a hit.

1. Free drinks

Your pitcher of water isn’t going to cut it either. It is no secret that college students don’t need a reason to enjoy a nice frosty beverage, but it is graduation day so there is certainly something to celebrate. Having a good ‘ol keg on tap isn’t going to hurt your attendance. Don’t worry, we’ll have a glass waiting for you.

2. Free food

The next best thing to free drinks to a college student, is free food. Plus, when you include tip one, it is likely that those in attendance will want a little bit of tip two. Graduation day could also rival the Super Bowl in the amount of dips, smokies and other appetizers cooked up and served. Did someone say southwestern eggrolls?

3. Good location

You say it three times, “Location, location, location,” so it comes in at number three. Booking a great venue can make or break your graduation party. If it is too big, it feels like nobody is there and people might hightail it out of there. If your venue is too small things might get a little sweaty, especially in May. I’m hoping the size of the Station works out well. Plus, they’ve got a pool table. A little entertainment never hurt anybody.

4. Good timing

Having your graduation party during the largest college’s graduation probably isn’t going to encourage record attendance. Fortunately for me (depending on how you look at it), the college of arts & sciences is in the morning, so we won’t have to worry about that. But, don’t forget to think about what college your friends are in, if they are all in engineering and you are the only public relations nerd (this sounds familiar) then plan accordingly. Our time might not be perfect, but we’re hoping for a good turnout.

5. Have friends

I know, you are probably wondering why I have this one listed at number five. If you can offer free food and drink, I’m pretty certain you can get some people to come. Nevertheless, having friends is clearly going to boost attendance. Hopefully you weren’t glued to your Xbox 360 for the last four or five years and you got out and met some people. And if you did, hopefully you made some friends playing Call of Duty online or something.

There you have it, five simple keys to throwing a great graduation party. But, I am not going to let you get out of here without making at least some kind of loose reference to marketing. So let’s take a look at what this could mean for you as a marketer. I’ll just keep it to three points.

1. Give the people what they want

Whether content or context is king is debatable, but regardless, content is very important. Make sure you are giving your audience what they are looking for.

2. Find your audience

You may be sharing great content, but if nobody is there to here it, what good does it do? If you’re looking to reach mommy bloggers, I wouldn’t suggest you put all your eggs in the Google + basket.

3. Timing is key

Planning a big campaign? Timing is a key component of running making it successful. Implementing the right strategy or tactic at just the right time could be exactly what you need to have that “viral” campaign your client has been bugging you about forever.

There are many things in this world that make me happy. Two of them are a good party and smart marketing. Take a look at some brands that have used these tips on their .

See you at graduation!

-Reed Pankratz

About Reed Pankratz

Senior at K-State studying public relations and marketing pursuing a career in integrated marketing. Blogger. Golfer. Foodie.

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