Why Choose Me?

Experience. Initiative. Curiosity. Teamwork. A Desire to Learn.

But perhaps even more than that, I want to work and I want to work for you. I wouldn’t expect you to welcome me aboard just because I graduated with a relevant degree. That’s why I created this page. Here, you’ll find my resume, my presence on social media and examples of my work.


Account Services

Over the summer of 2011 I was an account services intern at , a digital advertising agency that specializes in the pharmaceutical industry. I gained experience working with a CMS, client submission processes, performed quality assurance, and played a role as an account manager in our intern project. I was also fortunate enough to present our project to our executive vice presidents and CEO.

Over the fall semester of 2012 I served as an account manager and research director in my public relations campaigns class. Our team developed a yearlong campaign for the that had an intense focus on strengthening the social media presence of the client. I had a creative director, copywriter and media planner on the team I led.


Manhattan, KS is, in my opinion, an ideal college town. But, it isn’t perfect. Over the summer of 2011 I identified a market that could be catered to. Small businesses make their money catering to the community, but who caters to the small business, particularly their marketing needs? In Manhattan, nobody does. Until now. I approached a close friend and classmate and talked business over a couple of drinks. Not too long after that, we co-founded PS Marketing Services. Before we knew it, we signed a client that turned out to be not so small. We recently finished implementing a total re-brand for a client.

PS Marketing Services -  | 

Social Media

Personal -  |  |  |  |

I’ve established my own social media presence, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the ones I use most frequently. However, I also am  I also have led the social media efforts of several organization, one of them was a student body president campaign.

But understanding social media is about more than having a presence online, and that’s why I am always exploring new tools and platforms. I’ve experimented with BufferApp, TweetDeck, HootSuite, Sprout Social and SocialBro. I got behind Google +, Spotify, Wahooly, UnThink, Triberr and Facebook Timeline before they were available to the public. Some of them I loved and others, not so much. I’ve even tried my hand with Goolge AdWords and SEO. I’m a curious cat, so I’m always reading and exploring. Plus, if I have questions I have a great network I can reach out to.

Leadership & Teamwork

Why did I put these two words together? Because they don’t exist without each other. Over the past several years I have had to opportunity to demonstrate followership, leadership and teamwork through various clubs, groups and organizations.

 - Blue Key Honor Society is a premier honor society that recognizes college students at senior institutions of higher education for balanced and all-around excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. As a member of Blue Key I mentored two freshman students, helped host two leadership development programs for high school students and gave peer leadership consultations to organizations seeking help in goal setting, event planning and team building, as well as other topics. In addition to my responsibilities as an at large Blue Key member, I was also the director of communications for the organization.

 - The K-State Proud campaign is an all student led campaign about students helping students. I served as the events chair for the campaign and worked with two other co-chairs. Together we led an advisory board, utilized a volunteer basis and created a campaign that raised over $95,000 for students in need at K-State. At times I took the lead and at other times my role was to assist the other co-chairs. Our teamwork was a vital key to the success of our campaign.


I’ve done a lot of writing. You’ve seen a lot of my writing. But, just in case you haven’t got quite enough, I’ve included some press releases, a report I wrote on consumer behavior and a short analysis of marketing in 2011 and future trends.

*NEW*  |  |  |  |  | 

Adobe Creative Suite

Admittedly, this is not necessarily my strong suite (see what I did there?). But, I am familiar with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. If I don’t know how to do something, I figure it out. Sometimes the job just needs to get done and when that’s the case, I do it. You can see the work I’ve done in Adobe below.

 |  |  | 

Microsoft Office


I’ll write it, build it and present it. I work with Word on a daily basis, have built budgets in excel and made many presentations with PowerPoint.

Want to learn more? E-mail me and we’ll find a time to chat. Hey, we could even call it an informal interview.


  1. Thanks for this insightful post. I am PR student and this is right up my alley.

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